Advantages of Bar-Connections



Conventional Systems

ARWEI Special connector – Multifunctional 

Conventional Wire / Cable Connection

ARWEI Spezialverbinder
  • Provides durable sound insulation.

  • Brush profile underside not sound-absorbent

  • Compact brush profile, sound absorbing

  • Connects the bars

  • Additional rubber spacers necessary to set the bar spacing.

  • Additional materials required for sound insulation.

  • Guarantees easy rolling even with large mat- installations, hence easier cleaning of the mat and the mat-bed.

  • Provides up to 3 mm ground clearance for the support strip profiles, thus effective decoupling.

  • Profiles can be washed from underneath, so no standing water between them.

  • Rolling problematic especially for large mats. Here: the larger the mat, the more difficult it is to roll up and therefore to clean.

  • ---

  • Washing from underneath not usually possible, as the box-type profiles used sit flush on the floor. Standing water can sometimes accumulate between the profiles on rainy days.

  • No rear ventilation. Extended drying time can lead to odors.

  • Reinstreifer can be assembled in modules, i.e. each individual module (cleaning strip, strip support profile, connector) can be easily replaced, thus significantly lowering costs.

  • ARWEI premium Reinstreifers connectors can be easily changed in the walking direction (longer or shorter) without risking the mat falling apart.

  • At best, all cleaning strips can be easily replaced; increased costs.

  • Not possible with wire / cable connections.

  • The use of V-shaped strip support profiles is possible with mat heights from 22 mm, thus increasing the dirt collection capacity by 30-100% compared to box-type systems. Result: longer cleaning intervals and reduced cleaning costs.
  • Box similar profiles; less dirt collection capacity, shorter cleaning intervals, higher cleaning costs