ARWEI-Mat Coupling

ARWEI-Mattenkupplung European patent 2 215 958
With the development of mat coupling, ARWEI can now prevent the shifting of recessed mats.


ARWEI-Dirt Absorption Basin


ARWEI supplies dirt absorption basin made of stainless stell or aluminium in 3mm thickness, suitable for every mat. The setting up of an angle frame is not necessary as the basin is layed on edge according to the mat height.

A purchase that pays:
Time for fitting is reduced: A fast and straightforward laying is possible on almost any even ground: The underground just has to be levelled, the basin to be layed in and the top layer to be filled at the edge. Thus, the floor plain is seamless and even, which can be easily cleaned and maintained. Moisture has no chance to penentrate into the basic structure of the building.

Available with or without floor drain - position and size of floor drains available in any measures. ARWEI-Dirt Absorption Basin are layed on edge according to the required measures. Also rectangular bars in a maximum grid space of 300mm for the unsupported laying of ARWEI Portal Plus S can be welded in. This results in a significant higher volume for dirt absorbtion.


ARWEI Reinstreifer Portal SN 17 Riegel

ARWEI Reinstreifer Portal SN 17 Riegel

This recessed mat can be driven on by electric pallet stackers. This is made possible by the new locking technology, patent pending. A bar is placed along the entire walking depth on both sides underneath the ARWEI special frame. This prevents the recessed mat from bending upwards and the bent rails from being run over. The recessed mat remains intact.