System Design

1 Polypropylene 
2 Longitudinal bars and walking bars on the
     same level 
3 Spigot
4 Plastic profile 
5 Plug-in connector 
6 Glass fiber reinforced support bar
Aquastop quer
Aquastopp Across
Aquastop parallel Winkelprofil
Aquastopp Parallel Angle Profile
Aquastop parallel 7er-Profil
Aquastopp Parallel Sevenfold Profile



  • Transversed flooding channel grating
  • 100% PP; high-quality PP material mix: highly impact-resistant and highly UV-stabilised special PP copolymer
  • For use in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Up to four longitudinal bars for improved overflow prevention; free cross section approx. 50 %
  • Longitudinal and latitudinal bars at the same level, increasing hygiene and cleanliness
  • Connection of side grilles by pins and ferrules<
  • Raised nubbed surface; no grooved surface for hygienic reasons
  • Slip-resistance: A, B, C in accordance with German industry norm DIN 51097
  • Arch-shaped installation possible
  • Bar spacing max. 8 mm (also applies to arch-shaped installation) in accordance with German industry norm DIN EN 13451-1
  • High stress-cracking resistance
 ProductHeightWalking ProfileWidth of ProfileProfile DistanceFree Section
Aquastopp Across  22 mm  Polypropylene  9 mm  8 mm  approx. 50 %
Aquastopp Parallel  27, 34 oder 41mm  Plastic   7 mm  8 mm  approx. 50 %