ARWEI History

From the beginning:

Good ideas were the basis for quite a few ‘economic miracles’ in the fifties.  But in 1952, who could have imagined what a trip to Sweden, a garage full of tools and the entrepreneurial spirit of a family would result in? A recessed matting system patented and successful in many countries!

When company founder Erich Arens travelled to Sweden with his football club and was enjoying a beer one evening, he happened to hear about the development of a ‘floor mat’. They spontaneously agreed to allow him to use the patent. And shortly afterwards in a completely ordinary garage, a unique family history began. 

The seventies brought about a sensation: the open ARWEI recessed matting system – a complete novelty, documented by several patents at home and abroad. Optimised by your and our experience, unique in functionality and use, durability and flexibility.

Just as in former times, development, production and sales are all in the same hands today. This allows us to continually improve our products. Only products that meet our high technical requirements are included in the product range. Therefore, ARWEI will continue to set trends in the future and will be your reliable partner for all questions and answers regarding inviting and functional entrance areas.