ARWEI mat coupling

ARWEI mat coupling

ARWEI mat coupling
European patent 2 215 958

With the development of mat coupling, ARWEI can now prevent the shifting of recessed mats.

For large cleaning areas often several mats need to be positioned side by side. Due to necessary space all around for laying, the mats can slip away sideways which could lead to gaps between the joint areas. Consequence: The mats appear poor and could also be tripping hazards at the joint areas. In the worst case the gap could be that big that for example for automatic revolving doors the maximum allowable value according to DIN 18650-1 is exceeded.

Avoiding this ARWEI has created a solution and protected by a European patent:

Two side by side lying mats are arranged with all cleaning bars lying in line and afterwards they are connected with a pivoted mat coupling. Slipping sideways of the mats is not possible any more.

The patented ARWEI mat coupling is available as an accessory for all Reinstreifer systems beginning with a construction height of 17mm.

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