ARWEI Badestandmatten

Walking safely at every step

The swimming pool mat  that makes walking safe. Our wear-resistant ARWEI swimming pool mats give a secure footing and add a dash of color. They can be used a wide variety of facilities, for example in public swimming pools, saunas, gyms, schools, spas as well as in hospitals and private bathrooms.


Badestandmatten Hart PVC
Rigid PVC swimming pool mat


Badestandmatten Soft
Soft swimming pool mat
ProductHeightWalking ProfileLengthWidthWeight
 Rigid PVC swimming  12 mm  Rigid PVC  max. 50 m  max. 2,0 m  approx. 6 kg/m2
 Soft swimming pool mat  14 mm  Soft PVC  max. 15 m  max. 1,2 m  approx. 7 kg/m2
 Cork swimming pool mat  14 mm  Cork  max. 15 m  max. 1,2 m  approx. 5 kg/m2

Rigid PVC swimming

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Soft swimming pool mat

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Cork swimming pool mat

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Color variations



Non-slip surface to DIN 51097 with additional massage effect

  • Water-repellent surface for resistance to fungal and bacterial infections
  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • Rolls up easily to save space
  • Easily cleaned by hosing
  • Rigid PVC and Soft mats:
    • Large drainage channels underneath for quick drainage on all sides.
  • Available in:
    • Rigid PVC (11 colours),
    • Soft PVC (6 colours) or
    • Cork