Cleaning Pad Advantages



Conventional systems

Cleaning PadCharacteristics Cleaning PadCharacteristics
ARWEI Spezial-Nadelvlies
Special Needle felt
  • Extremely durable and compact, not a loop-pile carpet
  • Hardly gets dirty
  • Material entirely needled, 100% homogeneous
  • Pile weight is at least 2400 g/m2, i.e. at least 30% more than conventional systems
  • 4-5 mm compact fabric top layer;with proper care, it can be used for 5-6 years even with 15,000 persons per day.
  • Aluminium profile edges half overlapping; so less aluminum reflection and a high sound insulation at the needle felt walking area.
  • Needle felt can be replaced subsequently.




  • Airy material with low density

  • Gets dirty quickly

  • Material usually held by vinylmbacking

  • Pile weight is at least 30% less than the original ARWEI needle felt.

  • An almost 2 mm "airy" top layer, quickly flattens with use.

  • Non- overlapping aluminum profiles, so considerably higher reflection and poor sound insulation at the walking area,especially when wheeling luggage trolleys.
  • Loop pile products can be replaced subsequently.

  • Walking area upwardly convex for improved wiping.
  • Overlapping aluminum profile edges, so hardly any aluminum reflection.
  • Usually "flat" profile top , so dirt tends to stay on the surface.
  • No overlapping aluminum profile edges, so increased aluminum reflection.

ARWEI-3-way brushes
  • Brushes at different levels for improved coarse dirt collection capacity.

  • Brush profile underside is sound-absorbent.

Single Brush Strips

  • Single brushes at the same level.
  • Brush profile underside not sound-absorbent
ARWEI-Brush cassette


  • Compact brush profile, sound-absorbent

  Brush cassette
  • Compact brush profile, sound absorbing