Coco mat


ARWEI Coco mat - natural-colored or colorful

For decades coco mats have been used in entrance and transition zones as a cost-effective alternative. As a pure
natural product these mats consist of natural and sturdy coconut fiber fixed in a vinyl backing.

The ARWEI coco mat is firm for cutting and deliverable in different strengths and colours. The ARWEI coco mat is
available as adjusted standard mat, as roll ware or as customized product according to specifications.

The ARWEI coco mat, natural-colored, is available in the heights 17, 20 and 23 mm; with surcharge also in Cfl-s1.

Available colours:
ARWEI coco mat height 17, 20, 23, 28 mm: natural-colored
ARWEI coco mat height 17 mm: black, grey, red, olive, brown, blue
ARWEI coco mat height 23 mm: black, grey, red


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