Dry and quiet

Dry and quiet

A package of advantages

Mats with bad rear-ventilation dry very slowly on rainy days and generate a bad smell. Many conventional solutions are also unsatisfactory with regards to sound isolation: exposed aluminium edges produce a loud noise when the mat is stepped on.

ARWEI Pure Design. No weak points.

  • The high-performance ARWEI bar connection has unequaled advantages in functionality, durability, cleaning, and hygiene.
  • The supporting profiles are effectively decoupled and washable. The effective  rear-ventilation means the Reinstreifer dries quickly and does not smell.
  • The special connectors provide an effective footfall sound insulation and quiet walking noises.
  • The mat is very easy to roll up, ensuring excellent handling and ease of cleaning.
  • The mat also remains absolutely stable if the size is adjusted later.

Weak points of conventional manufacturers

Weak points of conventional manufacturers
  • Lack of rear-ventilation causes bad smells.