Five good reasons to use ARWEI clean-off zones

Fünf gute Gründe für den Einsatz von ARWEI Sauberlaufzonen

  1. 1. Dirt absorbing mat reduces cleaning costs
    With an efficient cleaning zone the intervals for cost-intensive cleaning can be reduced.

  2. 2. Preserving the value of following floor covers
    Dirt absorbing mats protect following floor covers from dirt and contribute to an improved preserving value. Hard coverings can otherwise be scratched by sand and stones, textile covers are soiled by moisture and dirt.
  3. 3. Avoid accident risks
    Moisture is absorbed by dirt absorbing mats and this results in non-slip safety by avoiding wetness.

  4. 4. Improve hygiene standards
    Reducing dirt indoor has a positive effect on hygienic conditions.

  5. 5. Footfall sound insulation
    Dirt absorbing mats reduce footfall sound which results in a lower noise nuisance.