Colour Pattern - IMPRESSIVE TONES!


With the ARWEI colour range you have the possibility to combine the profiles and the cleaning pads in accordance
with your wishes. The colours of the floors and the walls in the entrance could either merge or be in contrast. With
individual colouring every entry can be a functional eye-catcher influencing the first impression when stepping into
the building.
Chose decent or accentuated colours that match with the overall appearance of the object.


Cleaning pads

Standard colours special needle felt*

anthracite light grey grey blue coconut

Standard colours special needle felt (on demand with extra charge)

olive green sand beige mud grey dark brown red  

Standard colours rips

anthracite light grey red coconut dark brown


Cassette brush Three-way Brush Single Scratching Edge Single Brush
black black black black




Aluminum plate finish Aluminum anodized Aluminum powdercoated
acc. to