First chose the product according to your cleaning requirements. Then determine the required space for a
sufficiently dimensioned Reinstreifer construction.

ARWEI angled frames – a clear edge upward and to the floor cover
Each Reinstreifer should be laid into an angled frame, which is anchored into the floor. Of course, this is supplied
custom-fit either in advance or together with the Reinstreifer.
Consider space all around
For exchanging mats the angled frame remains in the mat bed. Here the inside width of the frame is decisive for
production. During fabrication the all around space is considered for this dimension.
Special shapes or cutouts
The Reinstreifer construction can have a rectangular or any different shape. For producing special shapes,
a drawing showing exact dimensions or a pattern needs to be made. See pages 46/47.
Direction of walking across the bar
To ensure the function of a Reinstreifer, the planning should possibly consider the direction of walking across
the bars.
If a lot of wetness is brought into the building, it might be reasonable to build a drainage or even an outflow
underneath the mat. Still it is important that the mat has all-over contact to the floor.
Mat Bed
The laying of ARWEI-Reinstreifer requires an absolutely even mat bed.
ARWEI Dirt collection trays
Using ARWEI dirt collection trays include the supply of the mat bed in the form of an aluminum or stainless steel
tray (thickness 3mm). Important is that the ground is statically prepared for an all-over laying of the ARWEI dirt
collection tray.
Dividing Reinstreifer
ARWEI Reinstreifer system should be divided according to its weight, otherwise it might be too heavy. Too much
weight complicates the maintenance and the cleaning of the mat bed is not performed. Dividing in direction of the
bar length is done beyond the main walking route.


It will be our pleasure sending you our quotation: For creating a quotation with ARWEI angled frames please state
the outer frame dimensions for your cleaning zone. For the delivery with existing frames please give us the clear
inner frame dimension, we consider the space. Please inform us, if the dimension is a finished mat dimension, so
that we do not calculate additional space.


Make a sketch. Consider, almost everything is possible. Cutouts, rounding, bevels, special shapes, for example
trapezium or a circle. Depending on the building and the frequency in the entrance area three cleaning steps have
proved themselves in order to save daily cleaning costs. In the first step mainly the coarse dirt, in the second step
the fine dirt and in step three remaining dirt and moisture is wiped-off from the sole of the shoe.