Dirt Collection Trays


FFor the laying of ARWEI Reinstreifer an even mat bed is necessary. By using ARWEI dirt collection trays these are
supplied as 3mm strong aluminum or stainless steel collection trays and offer a range of advantages:
• Omission of the angle frame
•Extremely quick laying of the collection tray on prepared even ground.
•No adjustment/straightening of angular rails
•No additional adjustment in the mat bed
•Absolutely flat, even and in case of single part construction support surface without any joint for easy cleaning
•One-piece trays out of one sheet plate and welded watertight, no loose kit
•Individual construction concerning width and depth with and without water drain


1. ARWEI-Standard dirt collection tray
Simple model edged inside to the height of the Reinstreifer

2. ARWEI-Standard dirt collection tray (with drain)
Simple model edged inside to the height of the Reinstreifer with welded union for water drain, location of union is arbitrary

3. ARWEI-Volume dirt collection tray
The dirt collection volume is increased by laying the mat on binding beams welded into the tray. Therefor the ARWEI dirt collection trays are furnished with binding beams with a height of minimum 15mm and maximum distance of 300mm from each other. Rinsing is given.



A special self-supporting sub-frame further maximizes the dirt collection volume. A self-supporting, accessible combination,
consisting of the ARWEI Premium Reinstreifer as a walking surface and a grating as the support element enlarge the dirt collection
volume according to installation height. Cleaning intervals of the mat bed are prolonged and this saves costs.
If wider spans need to be covered, flat steel reinforcing bars are welded on, which can be easily removed from the support area. This allows
spans of up to 2800 mm and evenly-distributed loads of 500 kg/m² to be supported without the need for any supporting structure on the floor.
The channel is freely accessible for cleaning purposes.


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