The requirements for structural fire protection in buildings are defined by the state regulations. On a regular basis
construction products should be used which meet special fire protecting specifications. In Germany and Europe all
relevant constructional products and building materials are specified in DIN EN 13501, also floor coverings. This
specification defines the first layer of a floor, which usually is fixed permanently with the structure, for example
adhered. Usually this is not relevant for Reinstreifer constructions because mostly they can easily be taken out of
the mat bed.
Nevertheless, on demand ARWEI supplies Reinstreifer fulfilling the increased requirements for fire protection.
Usually the fire protection classification Cfl-s1 is requested.

The ARWEI-Fire Protection line stands for absolute safety and the effective protection to minimize hazard for
people and buildings in case of fire.

PREMIUM Reinstreifer
Available and with short delivery times we supply our needle felt pads in PREMIUM colours anthracite and light
grey as well as rubber and cassette brush in the fire protection classification Cfl-s1.
With the purchase of large quantities, we can also supply other PREMIUM colours.

COMPACT Reinstreifer
Also rips cleaning pads are available in the fire protection classification Cfl-s1.