The ARWEI-Reinstreifer-Collection covers four different qualities. That means for every area
of application we have a suitable product in the appropriate combination. Just make a choice
or allow us to advise you!


PREMIUM - The top-class cleaning pad for high strain

Highest requirements are represented by the ARWEI top-of-theline product – the ARWEI Premium Reinstreifer. It is available in all thinkable load levels and convinces with high-quality cleaning pads. Rubber and cassette brush are often used in exterior areas. The special needle felt is applied in the interior and roofed exterior and is characterized by unmatched long lifetimes and best cleaning results. The ARWEI-Premium-Reinstreifer in combination with the ARWEI special needle felt is unique in the market!


COMPACT - The cleaning pad for any budget

A favourable alternative is the ARWEI-Compact-Reinstreifer, a universal initial ARWEI quality type with rips as a textile cleaning pad that is suitable for everyday use. This system is suitable for many ranges of use with a good price / performance ratio and available in different loading increments. A preferential combination with other cleaning pads adds for example the cassette brush.
UPGRADE POSSIBLE: At any time each ARWEI-Compact-Reinstreifer can be upgraded with the hard-wearing ARWEI special needle felt.


TRADITION- The balancing act between Tradition and Standard

Our product line Tradition is only available with a height of 22mm. Therefore, the V-shaped bar profiles with PREMIUM or COMPACT cleaning pads are used. These products were created for walking and its profile form provides an 80% higher dirt absorption than box-shaped systems. This feature enlarges the cleaning intervals and decreases cleaning costs. Besides, these profiles can be undermined by water, are rear-ventilated and sound insulated by the traditional cross connectors.


KLASSIKER - The elegant ease in the interior

The black plastic profile add elegant appearance to the ARWEIKlassiker. Due to its material features it is only used in interiors and convinces with its flexible design, which evens unpleasant irregularities in the ground. In uneven mat beds it does not come to annoying sounds like this could happen with aluminum profiles. The ARWEI-Klassiker is sound insulating, can be undermined by water, and is rear-ventilated with a height of 22mm.