ARWEI-Reinstreifer are placed in many car dealerships in the entrance area, but also between single sections! Especially during autumn, winter and rainy seasons a lot of dirt and wetness underneath the soles in brought into the garage, the service department and the sales area.
Therefore, we recommend sufficiently dimensioned Reinstreifer constructions in all entrances.


Step 1

in the outer area takes dirt of the soles of shoes.

Step 2

in the interior or also in the roofed exterior takes fine dirt and wetness of the soles of shoes.

Step 3

gets residual dirt and moisture off the shoes in the interior.



Planning example of a car dealership


Main Entrance

Through the main entrance customers step into the service department or the sales area. Here dirt and moisture is very disruptive. The customer should be welcomed in a comfortable atmosphere, which does not distract him.
Using here the ARWEI three-step cleaning results in a clean and dry interior. The cleaning areas need to be dimensioned appropriate to the walking frequency.

Entrance from the garage into the service area

Cars drive through big roller shutters into the garages and check-point halls. Cars bring rain or even snow into the halls and big puddles with dirty water cannot be avoided. Customers
and staff take dirt and moisture with their shoe soles into the service and sales area. Therefore, it is necessary implementing cleaning zones at the doors between these sections, also for cleaning the bottom from lubricants and other dirt.

Drive in for cars into the sales area only with the S-Class of ARWEI

Cars drive into the sales area and out again via a roller shutter or a large door. Often customers use such entrances during open house presentations or on hot days for fresh air.
These entrances with a dual function require strong Reinstreifer of the ARWEI S-Class in order to resist the load of heavy vehicles while driving and even taxiing.