In many schools ARWEI-Reinstreifer are placed in the entrances! At the beginning of the school day and after the breaks o lot of dirt and wetness are brought into the school within a short time. All pupils “storm” the building in order to be in the classroom in time. Appropriate dimensioned Reinstreifer sites in all entrances together with suitable cleaning pads clean the bottom of the shoes and keep the interior of the school building clean.

Step 1

in the outer area takes dirt of the soles of shoes.

Step 2

in the interior or also in the roofed exterior takes fine dirt and wetness of the soles of shoes.

Step 3

gets residual dirt and moisture off the shoes in the interior.


Planning example school


Main entrance

Through the main entrance children and teachers walk into the school building. Especially in the autumn, winter and during rainy seasons of lot dirt and wetness is carried into and spread in the building. Here the ARWEI three step cleaning together with PREMIUM cleaning pads is essential. These pads clean the soles efficiently and thoroughly also during a high frequency of walking.

Access to the schoolyards and adjoining buildings

Often schools contain of several buildings. Sports complexes, canteens or also natural scientific facilities are reached via the open-air ground. Within a short period of time after every
lesson pupils change places through many entrances and exits. All entrances planned and furnished with an ARWEI-Reinstreifer site with sufficient walking depth block dirt and  wetness for a clean school building.

Access to the canteen and from there into the school building

During the full-day care a of lot of pupils receive and eat their lunch at school and are also assisted during the afternoon. The implementation of a canteen requires high demands on cleanliness in the building. This asks for Reinstreifer constructions in all entrances and access areas into the school. Besides normal dirt, also food, beverages or similar on the floor can lead to smell and dirt when it is brought into the school building. A Reinstreifer construction between canteen and school avoids this dirt and has an important effect on hygiene and keeping the building clean.