Maximum durability / cost efficiency

Maximum durability / cost efficiency

ARWEI – an investment that pays for itself

Deciding on the purchase of an entrance mat on the basis of price alone is a false economy. The list of deficiencies often starts with an unattractive appearance, while a further negative feature such as the lack of repair options and shortened life cycles could make repeat investments necessary very soon. And finally: the cheapest dirt is the dirt that is left outside– a cleaning mat must live up to its name.

Unequaled in quality and economy.

It's no accident that ARWEI-Premium-Reinstreifer have set standards in the entrance mat market. ARWEI Reinstreifer deliver high performance in quality and function – and offers genuine added value even when the costs are taken into consideration.

  • ARWEI Premium Reinstreifers usually have twice the life cycle of systems from conventional manufacturers.
  • Every single part can be replaced  separately – this prolongs the life cycle of the Reinstreifer.
  • The endurance of the ARWEI special needle felt is at least twice as long as the loop pile products of conventional manufacturers. This ensures excellent cleaning over very long periods.
  • Clean entrance – low cleaning costs for the building:
    ARWEI-Premium Reinstreifers over 22mm in height have a V-shape profile and so can collect between 30 and 100% more dirt than conventional systems.
  • ARWEI Premium Reinstreifer were developed specially for heavy-duty use and long-term functional capability – this investment will pay you back for years.