ARWEI Aquastopp-Gratings with Floating Device

GERMAN PATENT NO.: 10 2019 105 672

The patented innovation by ARWEI fulfils any requirements and provides safety and easy handling.

The ARWEI Aquastopp gratings with floating safety device are used for example in pools with artificial waves or
in the arrival area of water slides, where they are completely floated. But, also in this case the gratings keep their
position. Only this prevents permanently from a hazardous stepping into the flooding channel in your pool.
The floating safety device is designed in a way that it can just be picked-up from the channel for cleaning
purposes. It is fixed underneath the grating and does not have an impact on the absorption of flooding water.


ARWEI-Aquastopp bleibt auch im Wellenbad an Ort und Stelle.
ARWEI Aquastopp keeps its position also in case of waves.

 Kein Aufschwimmen im Zielbereich von Wasserrutschen
No floating in the arrival area of slides.


  • No floating of the gratings out of the flooding channels.
  • No „tiding up“ of gratings by personal after waves or sliding.
  • Permanent compliance with regulations for the prevention of
  • No assembly / drilling necessary.
  • Simple pick-up of gratings with floating safety device.
  • No contact of floating safety device with pottery.
  • Floating safety device is firmly attached to the grating.
  • Floating safety device does not reduce the absorption of flooding water.