Federsee school canteen Bad Buchau

Here pupils swarm day-to-day into the canteen via an entry with two cleaning zones. The extension ensure not only the meal for kids, but also develops the culture of food. The mat from ARWEI is part of having lunch in a building with clean and anti-slip floors.

Elementary school Neu-Ulm

New, colourful and light-flooded, this is the Mark-Twain school in north Wiley. The floor covering ARWEI Reinstreifer in the entrance area keeps the friendly building clean. Tidy classrooms and halls create an agreable atmosphere for learning. We wish lots of fun and success with learning!

German Olympic Sportbund

For ARWEI the tactile systems are not extraordinary in an entrance areas. Thus, the ARWEI Reinstreifer enables the safe entry into a building, also for handicapped people, and is a connecting element between the outer and inner area of a building.

Comprehensive school – Cologne

A comprehensive school needs a comprehensive concept. It was developed at this school in cooperation with ARWEI. Every entrance was equipped with recessed matting. The result: Everything stays clean as long as the sandwich wrappers and soft drink cans end up in the bin.

School – Cologne

All public institutions have to save money. If you invest in a durable recessed matting system by ARWEI, you can make significant savings on subsequent cleaning bills. As in the case of this school in Cologne. The dirt under students’ shoes is now caught at the entrance thanks to ARWEI recessed mats.

School cafeteria – Stuttgart area

Since the school cafeteria opened, ARWEI is at the feet of all the hungry students on their way to a 3-course menu. The custom shape was delivered with a stainless steel tub as a mat recess. By ARWEI!

Dancing Towers Hamburg

St. Pauli is special, that is why ARWEI supplies a special form for a special building in a special location of Hamburg. A custom-fit solution for ideal cleanliness.

University of Düsseldorf – Oeconomicum

The new faculty building for economics and competition research at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf was realised with ARWEI as the partner for recessed matting. The custom ‘egg’ shape with an integrated revolving door system makes it an architecturally unique entrance.

Business Center

Here no-one misses the ARWEI-Reinstreifer. This entrance does not only keep the warmth in the building, but with the help of the custom-fit Reinstreifer also the dirt and wetness outside the building. A Business Center with wellness atmosphere and a clean entrance.

Academy for hearing aid acoustics

In this building one finds ingenious technique for hearing aids. The sensitisation for this important topic already starts at the entrance to the building with the ARWEI-Reinstreifer and its clever technique.

Elementary school Embsen

It is a lot happening here, a daily in and out during all kinds weather. The modular construction out of needle felt and three-way brush creates a high functional product, that just wipes-off and collects the dirt. ARWEI has a decisive share in keeping schools clean and make them a place worth living for our kids all over the year.

RBZ Technik Kiel

Day-to-day it is also about expertise and responsibility in this regional profession centre. Great, the ARWEI Reinstreifer fulfils these requirements in the entrance area.

University Bremen

Many people eager for knowledge walk through the university of Bremen every day. The ARWEI-Reinstreifer keeps the study and common rooms of the building clean. This happens high efficiently and with low effort, no one has to learn this anymore here.

Building in Hamburg

Nothing is missing in this quarter. Custom-fit gold-plated, also by ARWEI.

Exhibition Building Munich

This is the centre of all actions. But here only the ARWEI Reinstreifer has long service lifes. With its high quality ARWEI special needle felt a trimmed appearance is understood.

TSV Süßen

This complex of building realizes three different building utilisations. The new construction of the culture hall, the sports hall and the sports club centre was finished in 2018. No matter, whether athletes, artists, pupils or visitors, everyone enters the modern and reasoned building via the ARWEI mat in the common main entrance or the north entrance.

Airport Frankfurt - Private Terminal

ARWEI-Reinstreifer clears the way in the entrance of the airport terminal for everyone who wants to fly at higher games. The robustness of the Reinstreifer used for traffic is not obvious at a first glance. Visible is only a clean terminal because dirt and wetness remain the spaces of the mat.

Cinema – Cinemaxx in Bielefeld

First walk over ARWEI – and then into the cinema to watch an exciting film with clean shoes.

Smile Eyes at the Airport Munich

This friendly ophthalmic clinic in Munich airport invites with an entrance convincing with precision and the ability to focus. The high-quality ARWEI-Reinstreifer provides visible cleanliness.

Exhibition centre – Messe Düsseldorf

Regardless whether you use the east or west entrance – whichever direction you come from, you have to pass over ARWEI on your way into the trade fair building.

Airport – Stuttgart

To ensure that no one just walks out onto the airport runway, each airport has a gate. Here, ARWEI is at the feet of all the pilots and other airport personnel. Almost the entire room is floored with custom-shaped mats. That way, even when the weather’s bad, the small room still looks tidy despite heavy visitor traffic.

Air traffic control – Stuttgart

To get to the top, you need to start out at the bottom. And to do so, you have to cross a custom-shaped recessed mat with an integrated revolving door. The tile pattern is reflected in a custom recessed matting colour.

Nautilla Illertissen

The Nautilla pool paradise offers something for everyone, no matter if sports, fun or wellness, the offer in the wet element is manifold. The swimming pool gratings by ARWEI here offer a unique degree of security, hygiene and functionality and fit stylishly in their surroundings.


The Rhein-Main-Therme located in Hofheim am Taunus is a great experience and offers lots of wellness in a rounded off atmosphere. In this case the ARWEI swimming pool gratings round up the visual appearance of round and rolling pools and stand for rapid and safe drainage of overflow water.

Open Air Swimming Pool Natura Rastatt

Also in the outer area the ARWEI swimming pool gratings are responsible for slip resistance and reliable grip at the edge of the pool. High-quality impact-resistant UV-stabilized materials for maximum service life of ARWEI swimming pool gratings.

Open Air Swimming Pool Herxheim

Neither rounding, corners, edges, gaps nor steps are any problem for the ARWEI swimming pool gratings. The pool in Herxheim proves the high security standards around the pool by first-class solutions for overflow water.


Also in Heilbronn parents wish to have a relaxing time together with their children in the pool. The ARWEI swimming pool gratings provide a highest degree of security around the pool. They are slip-resistance in accordance with German industry norm DIN 51097 and have a bar spacing of maximum 8 mm (also applies to arch-shaped installation).

Bäderland Wandsbek

Also here swimming schools are present. They take care of safety in the water. But responsible for the safety at the edge of the pool are the swimming pool gratings of ARWEI. Stable connections and durable dimensionally-stable grating spacing offer a unique degree of security, hygiene and functionality.

Hotel Miramar auf Sylt

Functionality, hygiene and safety are standard requirements in hotels. This applies to the ARWEI swimming pool gratings as well. And moreover with their timeless and classic design, they fit stylishly in their surroundings and are outstandingly easy to clean.

TURM ErlebnisCity Oranienburg

The TURM Erlebnisbad Oranienburg leaves nothing to be desired. Sports, fun and wellness feeling are here supported by the ARWEI swimming pool gratings, in the inner and the outer area. Uniform-height longitudinal and transverse bars and easy-to-clean pimpled surface for optimal hygiene.

AOK Ellwangen

The crossroad in Ellwangen received its name from this customer center of AOK. The complete ground floor with working spaces and customer consulting was new designed. ARWEI is part of the new inviting customer and waiting area in this building worth to be kept.

Police Dachau

The VI. police department in Dachau is not only the biggest operation location in Bavaria, but is also training centre for police officers. Also the ARWEI mat in the entrance area fulfils highest requirements.

Rural District Office Ludwigsburg

In a government entity like the Rural District Office Ludwigsburg a lot of people with different tasks and requests come together. Every day many functions are satisfied. ARWEI-Reinstreifer functions well at the entrance and ensures tidiness in the building.


The building in Cologne Deutz unites several companies at one-stop. The kind of realisation by the construction company for its own employees is trendsetting. And the ARWEI-Reinstreifer builds a fitting element for turnkey solutions.

Town Hall Leonberg

The new building in Leonberg creates efficiency, sustainability and accessibility for citizen and employees. The ARWEI-Reinstreifer in the entrance area comply also optically with the ambience of the new building.

House in Pettneu

Most modern and sustainable architecture and the ARWEI Reinstreifer create a puristic entrance. ARWEI supplies highest quality for highest efficiency also in private houses.

Town Hall Heilbronn

In the extension the ARWEI Reinstreifer takes care for cleanliness and orientation when walking in and out of the building. The tactile contrast in the mat is recognized by blind and visually impaired people with their show sole and white cane.


The entrance is also always a business card of a house. The living zone of Lebenshilfe Gifhorn presents itself friendly and accessible directly at the entrance. Of course ARWEI-Reinstreifer is accessible for wheel chairs and care for cleanliness with its special shape.

Town Hall Baltmannsweiler

Finally more space: the new town hall building provides more room for employees, citizen and guests. The ARWEI-Reinstreifer is the first element in an elegantly structured, bright building where do not only work, but get married. Main thing: clean shoes!

State Court – Baden Wuerttemberg

Wherever evildoers go in and out – they leave a trail of dirt behind. That also applies to public institutions such as administration buildings and courthouses. Ideally, a first cleaning step is placed in the outdoor area to absorb rough dirt, followed by a second and even third cleaning step in the indoor area.

Museum of a sports car manufacturer – Stuttgart

Our floor mats are much more silent than sports cars because of their impact sound insulation. Being on display here fills us with pride, especially as we received the following mail after the installation: “Dear sirs, in the name of our company, I would like to thank everyone involved for the very good work that was finished on schedule. Please pass on our thanks to your employees. Our revolving door is a complete success and is well received by everyone here.”

Insurance building – Karlsruhe

In the case of an accident, insurances at least provide financial security. Besides dirt absorption, ARWEI recessed mats also lead to an increase in security. A recessed mat doesn’t only absorb dirt, but also moisture – the result: the foyer remains dry and there’s no danger of slipping.

Health insurance building – Augsburg

This is how beautiful an entrance area can be. And functional! Visitors are received in a stunning entrance and the dirt remains right there. Killing two birds with one stone – typical for ARWEI.

Museum - Munich

Who hasn’t heard of it – who hasn’t been there? The most interesting and most-visited museum in Germany. ARWEI was tasked with providing the recessed matting and, with it, a contrast: because ARWEI recessed mats are far from being museum pieces.

State Court – Memmingen

The State Court in Memmingen is a particularly orderly place. Every proceeding is handled with the utmost scrutiny, so of course no one wants any dirt lying around. The entire entrance area was templated by ARWEI and fitted with recessed matting.

Home for refugees Cologne

Also the construction method with containers requires tidiness and dryness inside. Here the ARWEI-Reinstreifer is the proper product.

Skyline Stuttgart

A whiff of Big Apple serves this modern living tower with furnished apartments. The broad entrance is kept clean by a one-piece Reinstreifer. Tidiness in uncomplicated and creates a warm welcome.

Kontorhaus at the market

A time-honoured and historic building in the old town of Bremen. For protection form dirt and wetness the entrance is furnished with the ARWEI-Reinstreifer, which fits efficiently into this very special ambiance.

Car dealership – Munich

It smells of leather, of new cars. The curves of the chassis, the brilliant accessories and the meticulous manufacturing down to the tiniest detail aren’t only fascinating in elegant cars but also in this exquisite gallery’s recessed matting.

Harley Davidson Schwäbisch Gmünd

Here you first step on the ARWEI-Reinstreifer to experience the freedom of this iconic bike brand. The fancy, but solid design sets Harley fans' hearts aflutter and every new type of bike can be tried with clean boots.

East Side Mall Berlin

Big, bigger, East Side Mall Berlin - ARWEI in action! Resilient and durable, the ARWEI-Reinstreifer is unequaled.

Shopping centre – Höfe am Brühl in Leipzig

This shopping and entertainment centre in the heart of Leipzig is home to 120 shops on 3 levels. Each entrance is surrounded by large ARWEI recessed matting systems – some of them with a self-supporting installation to maximise the dirt absorption volume.

Shopping centre in Dortmund – Thier Galerie

In the heart of Dortmund’s city centre, the Thier Galerie provides a new shopping centre in a class of its own. Over 160 shops, cafés and restaurants under one roof. Of course, all entrance mat systems are provided by ARWEI.

Mileano shopping centre – Stuttgart

A shopping centre with a sales area of around 43,000 m². Entertainment, shopping and events are front and centre. When people come in, the dirt stays out. To accomplish this, ARWEI is used in every vestibule – even in front of the lifts in the car park.

Retail sale Frankfurt

Here not only the ARWEI-Reinstreifer is put in its true light. At the same time classy and decent it take care for clean shoes and a shiny ambiance.

Mercaden shopping centre – Böblingen

Open six days a week, an event every Saturday, fashion, electronics, food and all types of services. That means: Lots of visitors, lots of dirt being dragged inside. ARWEI delivered and installed matting for every entrance.

Gerber shopping centre – Stuttgart

If you want something a bit more upmarket, then Gerber in Stuttgart is the place to be. Slightly finer dining and slightly more chic stores. So we also supplied a slightly more custom shape and upgraded the entrance area. Très chic!

Olympia Shopping Centre

Red is a strong colour - also in Bavaria's biggest shopping centre. Here is no lack of events. And for the ARWEI Reinstreifer, coping with all strains in the entrance area, is no need to hide itself.

Aida Cruises Rostock

The modern, new and sustainably constructed building for Aida Cruises employees is located directly at waterside. The special shape by ARWEI in the entrance area is reliable in absorbing dirt and wetness, in order for every employee working with dry feet.

Retail sale

Also coconut is classy! Especially in fashion stores the ARWEI-Reinstreifer may fit decently in the entrance area. In any case: dirt remains outside.

Big store in Hamburg

The ramp construction is no problem for the ARWEI-Reinstreifer. Everyone who walked over this functional quality product by ARWEI can then go shopping with clean shoes to his heart's content.

Kubus Aalen

The new shopping centre is located in the heart of Aalen. The entrance mats from ARWEI are part of a distinctive shopping event. Both, the Reinstreifer in the roofed exterior as well as the one in interior, create a comprehensive appearance with the logo integrated into the cleaning pad.

HSV Store Hamburg

The HSV store is the place to be for HSV soccer fans. The ARWEI Reinstreifer creates homey tidiness at the favourite club.

Retail sale

For selling dapper clothes ones needs proper facilities. For the ARWEI-Reinstreifer this is no problem, also with a large attendance, because quality care for cleanliness.

New Market in Neumarkt

In this quarter in Neumarkt in Oberpfalz nothing leaves to be desired. Every day many people swarm into this complex for using the shopping centre, cinema, hotel, fitness centre, offices or the garage. No problem for a clean interior because the ARWEI-Reinstreifer has to be passed.

Ikea Hamburg

IKEA is huge, a dreamland for beautiful living. The ARWEI-Reinstreifer marks the start point of the route for wishes through IKEA, which is kept clean by the high quality needle felt be ARWEI.

Big store in Cologne

In the heart of Cologne the ARWEI-Reinstreifer provides cleanliness when daily and at any time of the year countless people visit this store. A classy building, inside and outside.

Retail sale in Frankfurt

Already in the entrance one feels the promise of a special shopping event. Generously the ARWEI-Reinstreifer invites into this building for finding trends and quality, of course with dry and clean shoes. ARWEI is proud being part of this.

Retail sale Cologne

Here the ARWEI Reinstreifer replaces a small part of the former four-lane highway form north to south through Cologne and is now the entrance element taking care for cleanliness in a special building.

Jakobi Passage Rostock

If working or shopping public buildings are always in the focus of their visitors. Here ARWEI is a reliable partner for tidiness and a proper first impression at the entrance.


Lidl welcomes its customers in a precious manner. The modular construction system by ARWEI enables this individualisation in stainless steel. The Reinstreifer lets the visitors pass with clean shoes and a good feeling.

Drugstore Ulm

Also this store in Ulm offers useful, nice and shiny products. Already at the entrance the ARWEI-Reinstreifer fits into a bright ambiance and takes care for a proper interior.

Mawell Resort

The first impression is decisive - classy and resilient presents the customfit Reinstreifer itself in entrance of Mawell Resort. An element that underlines not only the character of the building, but also follows the philosophy of the resort with its sustainability. All materials used by ARWEI are easy to separate and therewith recyclable.

Bank - Stuttgart

Every bank endeavours to help develop the economy. And they do so to keep the region successful and livable. To keep the bank buildings themselves livable, they are equipped with ARWEI recessed matting.

MK Hotel Mainblock

Multifunctional and modern, inbetween Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden, this is the new MK Hotel in Rüsselsheim. Also the entrance are presents itself functional and structured. Here the ARWEI-Reinstreifer is responsible for an ideal dirt absorption, so that numerous shoes and trolleys do not leave their marks.

Volksbank Aalen

Every day employees and customers find their way into the bank over this flat ARWEI-Reinstreifer with aluminum scratching edge. Surely pathbreaking here is the big volume of dirt absorption of this Reinstreifer. At the same time it is lightweight and easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Sparkasse Düsseldorf

Safe and widespread the ARWEI-Reinstreifer invites visitors of Sparkasse Düsseldorf into this building. The mat appears decent and is still an eye catcher in this harmoniously designed entrance area.

Sparkasse Emmerich

The Sparkasse Emmerich shows a perfect solution of a two zone cleaning inside. Not only beautiful, but also effective. The two components of the ARWEI-Reinstreifer also enable for a facilitated cleaning of the mat and the ground.

Sparkasse Rosenheim

Customfit special shapes make this entrance perfect. The two zone cleaning inside and outside let the building shine inside. The ARWEI-Reinstreifer is the reliable and safe element of this entrance.

Sparkasse Wetzlar

A proper appearance is a matter of course in a Sparkasse. Here the ARWEI-Reinstreifer takes care of a safe and proper walk. Customers and employees can rely on a well-kept interior of the building.

Kreissparkasse Aalen

This entrance presents itself high-performing and safe in this classy building. And also the ARWEI-Reinstreifer fits in functionally and inviting with its customized shape and precious colours.

German Central Bank Hamburg

Colour-coordinated the ARWEI-Reinstreifer fits perfectly into the dignified ambiance of this building. ARWEI is here for stability, so that everyone walks safely into the building. A clean matter due to the special shape by ARWEI.

Toyota Isernhagen

It is a pleasure walking over the ARWEI-Reinstreifer, when visiting Toyota with its tightly arranged entrance. Here best quality is laid efficiently and also looks noble.

Bank building – Sparkasse Neuss

An architecturally engaging self-service building for the credit union. ARWEI developed the templates and then produced these special custom-shaped recessed mats.

Daycare facility for children Bodelshausen

In the housing estate of the community Bodelshausen, which is awarded family friendly, a new Kindergarten was built in 2018. During development and realisation nothing was missed that supports an pedagogic optimized caring of children. Here the ARWEI-Reinstreifer fits smoothly in a functional and friendly building and provides with the overall laying tidiness and a safe welcome.

Playschool – Frankfurt

Our little darlings always drag a lot of dirt into the house – so can you imagine what a playschool would look like without recessed matting? Unthinkable. The architect here in Frankfurt knew what was needed: nine metres of walking depth – that makes the cleaning team’s work so much easier.

Clinical centre "rechts der Isar"

In this clinical centre ARWEI constructed a customized solution for the entrance of building with high cleaning standards. Every day many employees, patients and visitors enter this performance centre of medicine. Excellence can be felt when walking into the building, thanks to ARWEI.

Clinical centre Bremerhaven

ARWEI circulates. The way into this medical centre goes over the ARWEI-Reinstreifer, because dirt, of course, is not welcome within a clinical centre.

Hospital in Düren

State-of-the-art medicine for the people – centrally located in the centre of Düren. From minor routine procedures to complex high-tech medicine – the quality of medical expertise and nursing here is exceptionally high. The cleanliness requirements for hospitals are similarly high. ARWEI recessed mats fulfil these requirements with their durability and exceptional cleaning power.

Hospital in Neuss

This hospital is regarded as one of the most modern in the region. With eight modern specialist departments, a palliative ward and six competence centres. You enter the hospital through a revolving door system – equipped, of course, with ARWEI recessed mats.

University Medical Centre – Mainz

Hospitals demand a high degree of cleanliness. In this case, the recessed mat was integrated into the revolving door system. A visually pleasing design that excels in terms of functionality as the great walking depth ensures that visitors’ shoes brush over it multiple times.

University Hospital – Frankfurt on the Main

The University Hospital in Frankfurt is the clinic of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt on the Main. Providing the best possible medical care for patients is of primary importance at the 32 specialist clinics and clinical-theoretical institutes. And so is cleanliness, and so the best recessed matting was installed here.

University Hospital – Düsseldorf

The children’s clinic of the Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf has been located in the new “Schlossmann House” since 1995. It is named in honour of Prof Dr Dr h.c. Arthur Schlossmann. Of course the very visually appealing custom-shaped mat in the entrance area was realised by ARWEI.

Retirement home – Mainz

Arrive and feel at home – that’s the motto of many retirement homes. To ensure that’s the case, they install good recessed matting in the entrance area. Because this greatly lowers the danger of slipping and falling in the foyer. In this case, the recessed matting also doubles as a kind of red carpet.