Dirt, which is wiped-off by walking over the mat falls into the space between the profiles. If you have decided in favour of the Premium-Type, the Reinstreifer surface with its needle felt without slings and the boost of the soles regenerates itself.
Still, a regular cleaning ensures functionality of the entrance mat.
Reinstreifer with a height of up to 17mm do not need to be moved for cleaning. Just vacuum the Reinstreifer surface in regular intervals.
For higher mats the mat bed should be cleaned from time to time after vacuuming the Reinstreifer surface in regular intervals. Therefore roll up the Reinstreifer up to its half and sweep or vacuum the ground.

ARWEI Reinstreifer in Action. Cleaning Reinstreifern



Experience shows that only mats, which can be rolled up easily by one person are cleaned in regular intervals.
ARWEI Reinstreifer, even large mat sites, can be easily rolled up due to the special ARWEI connectors.
The advantage is obvious:
A regular cleaning of the mat bed is easily possible and ensures function and
aesthetic look of the Reinstreifer.
In case of extreme dirt you can also use a high-pressure water blaster. 100 bare water pressure is no problem for the needle felt.