ARWEI-Reinstreifer function as a guarantor for a clean foyer and tidy restaurant rooms, which are an important basis in gastronomy and the hotel business.
After a busy and tiring day, no one would like to arrive in a wet hotel lobby or dine in a dirty restaurant. Appropriate dimensioned Reinstreifer constructions ensure cleanliness in the demanding ambience of a hotel or restaurant.


Step 1

in the outer area takes dirt of the soles of shoes.

Step 2

in the interior or also in the roofed exterior takes fine dirt and wetness of the soles of shoes.

Step 3

gets residual dirt and moisture off the shoes in the interior.


Planning example hotel


Main Entrance

Hotel guests and visitors usually step into the building via the main entrance. With choosing attractive colours for the ARWEI cleaning pads, the ARWEI three step cleaning system is
perfectly integrated into the hotel and restaurant ambience and also keeps the interior clean and dry.
Every single guest feels comfortable.

Access from the terrace of the restaurant

If the weather is kind many guests step out onto the terrace of a restaurant and bring dirt and wetness from the terrace into the building. Therefor also these entrances should be furnished with Reinstreifer in an appropriate size.

Delivery entrances for kitchen and housekeeping

The more people live in a hotel or are served in a restaurant, the more goods have to be delivered and waste to be disposed. Deliveries for the kitchen or housekeeping are often unloaded with electric lifting trucks or forklifts from trucks. Also, here it is important to avoid dirt and moisture with suitable Reinstreifer sites.
The access with heavy trucks at this point of the building requires the implementation of the ARWEI S-Class, developed for heavy loads.

From the kitchen into the restaurant

Also in best cooks’ kitchens ingredients fall onto the floor during cooking. Service personnel could bring this dirt into the restaurant. Perishable foods can begin smelling on the floor. The Reinstreifer construction between kitchen and restaurant avoids that dirt from food is brought into the restaurant and keeps it hygienic clean.